Cafe Concepts

Take a look at Davians Dining Concepts!

Silver Spring Deli

The Silver Spring Deli offers creative sandwiches, deli wraps, Panini, and hot & cold sub sandwiches.  You will notice the difference in our restaurant quality meat & cheese selections, bakery style breads, and innovative condiments that enhance any made-for-you sandwich!  Our method of delivery allows customers to customize their sandwiches, while the quality and innovation of the selection speaks volumes about our understanding of current trends and customer demand!

Farmers Market Salad Bar Not your average salad bar!

The Farmers Market Salad Bar proudly offers a variety of fresh market vegetables, high quality meats and cheeses, and salad condiments & dressings.  Our bar features some common items along with some unexpected selections, and a sustainable touch of organic produce.  The Farmers Market Salad Bar speaks to the needs for healthier options, while providing alternatives for those that live a vegetarian lifestyle.  Our strategy for marketing and pricing will draw customers to this value driven concept – making it a destination!  Our customers have clearly voiced the need for healthier options. We believe the Farmers Market Salad Bar delivers!life

The Flat Iron Grill & Fry Station

The Flat Iron Grill & Fry Station is a diverse station that boasts of innovative breakfast and lunch options.  Our breakfast menu cannot be beat; from blueberry pancakes to a chorizo breakfast burrito, over easy to scrambled eggs.  We know that breakfast is as individual as the person who is ordering!  Lunch provides the usual suspects along with our house specialty Peppercorn Angus burger, and so much more!  Each day we will offer a daily value-added breakfast and lunch option – to stretch the food budget a little further!

Life is a Crock . . . of Steaming Hot Soup

Each day in our Steaming Hot Soup Station, we provide a variety of choices that are sure to please all!  We are tuned into our customer’s likes, health concerns, and the need for variety and take extra care to meet all of these needs.  There is nothing better than a crock of hearty steaming hot soup ~ it’s simply satisfying!

Baja Burrito Madness

Our Baja Burrito Madness Bar is featured weekly and mimics the best on the open market.  We offer over 15 components to customize your burrito.  Add some chips, salsa, and guacamole, and you have a FIESTA!

Top Chefs by Davians

Yes, we’ve taken the idea from the top-rated weekly show Top Chef to create a visual of what Davians chefs have to offer you.  Our chefs will make an entrée sizzle right before your eyes!  We bring a featured item and then provide all of the ingredients to finish it the way you like it!  The sounds, smells and excitement of this concept draw enthusiasm and increases participation.  This concept has proven to be a customer favorite!

Davians Coffeehouse

This concept brings the perfect coffee break to your employees or students!  Caribou Coffee – the coffee experts, supports our concept.  Trained by the best, Davians Baristas can froth with the best of them!  Lattes, Mochas, Espresso, Cafe Au Lait – no problem!  The Davians Coffeehouse concept enhances any work environment and with many regarding it as an employee benefit!  Let Davians brings the Coffeehouse feel to your environment.